Sitemap - 2019 - So Relatable

All my goals for 2020 😱

Where do you see yourself in twelve months? ⏳

This is the end (again). ⚡

All I want for Christmas is a book deal 📚

Slowing down when the finish line is in sight 😳

Let's make a splash, y'all 🌊

Life is hard. Love makes it easier 🌷

The very obvious secret to a very good morning ☕

Talent + patience + luck 🍀

Tell me something I don't know 💌

Grabbing the thread before it unravels. 💫

2020 is in three months. Yikes. 😱

When nothing is everything

Changing the stories we tell ourselves ✨

It's goal time. 🍂

You can only prep for so much at once 🌀

The beginning is the best part  💬

Visiting the life you could have led  👋

Celebrating 37 with a literary time capsule 🎉

Adventures from my plastic-free challenge ♻

When jealousy strikes, I get petty 💃

Giant leaps are overrated

Headed to the beach? Don't forget your existential crisis! 🌊

Are you experiencing a conflict or a catastrophe?

A painful message from the universe 😭

We bought a house!

Why a "no spend" month makes cents (GET IT?!)

A change is as good as a rest!

My week at the Weymouth Center

When in doubt, toss it out.

A budget-friendly fable to inspire your finances

When your whole life is a fixer upper

We're getting kicked out of the nest 🐦

What happens in Vegas...

A little goes a long way

Welcome to my jungle 🌱🌸🌴

An egg-cellent time of year

Waiting for this fever to break

Zen and the art of submitting your work  ☕

How to tell if your ritual is actually a rut 🔮

Everything you wanted to know about going viral

We are gathered here today, but do we know why?

Sometimes you have to serve yourself first

How to write a book in 30 minutes

Let's dive right in, shall we?